How Managed Backups Work

The managed backup service uses a product called ShadowProtect which is a world-class program designed for computer servers and high end systems. Interbit Computing is a business partner with StorageCraft (the owners) and it is being deployed to small businesses.
The way it works is as follows:

Once installed, ShadowProtect takes a complete snapshot of the critical hard drives on the computer, based on sectors used (not files).  It then takes an incremental snapshot as frequently as specified by the customer (as often as every 15 minutes if needed). Each night it
 processes these snapshots. 

This has the following benefits:
  • It is independent of Windows, and only backs up what changes
  • The customer has the ability to recover files from previous timeframes (even if they have been deleted)
  • The backup can be restored onto a different hard drive and/or Windows version – this means if there is a complete computer failure, Interbit Computing can readily rebuild your system onto another computer
  • It works in the background so there is no management by the customer
  • Interbit Computing monitors the backups through the internet – so if there is an issue it will deal with it in real time
The downside is that the backups are on the customers premises, so are not safe from fire, theft or a vicious viral attack. Interbit Computing also offers a secondary cloud backup solution which copies the local backup to our cloud server. This allows recovery or full rebuilding of a system off-site should there be a catastrophic failure or loss of data at the primary site. Contact us for pricing, as the price will vary depending on the amount of data being stored.

To implement this on each computer the process is:
  • Install a backup hard disk (probably 3TB to 4TB recommended) inside the computer (preferred) or attached via USB (less preferred)
  • Install and configure the software
  • Install the monitoring tool
  • Determine what needs to be backed up, when and how often
  • Run an initial backup
  • Kick off repeat backups
The cost per computer:
  • One-off cost to supply the new hard drive (~$150 as of January 2019) plus an installation fee may be charged
  • Monthly fee of $20, in which we will:
    • Provide the software from StorageCraft (rented)
    • Install the software and monitoring agent
    • Configure the backups
    • Run the first backup
    • Provide on-going monitoring
    • Update the software versions as required
    • Fix any issues if the backups have problems
  • The commitment is month to month – in other words, the customer may cancel with a months’ notice.
What is not included in the monthly cost:
  • Recovery of files after an incident (charged at Interbit Computing standard labour rates at that time)
  • Extra hardware (e.g. the backup drive fills up or there is a hardware failure)
Interbit Computing also offers an annual fee of $216 (which is 10% off) if the customer pays upfront for a year. This is still a month to month commitment, so if the service is cancelled before the year is up, there would be a pro-rata refund.