Business Efficiency Consulting

30% to 40% efficiency gains are within your reach

Do you spend most of your time being busy running your business? Do you wish you had the time and skills to find ways to reduce your costs, make processes faster and more efficient, and generally operate at a much higher level?

It is true that most small to medium businesses have not taken the time to analyse how their business performs, and from that analysis plan and execute simple changes to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Many studies show that a 30% to 40% reduction in costs is possible in service based organisations. This has a better impact on your bottom line that a doubling in your customer base!

Interbit offers Consulting in exactly how to do this. Whether you are looking for training to do this yourself, or need a specialist to do the work for you, contact us and we can discuss the best way to go forward for your unique situation.

Quality Products Consulting

Deliver the quality your customers expect

Do you have an issue with the quality of the goods and services you sell? Quality is generally defined as "what the customer expects".

Improvements in quality can be achieved using a very well defined set of procedures. These are based upon the Six Sigma methodology. Interbit can provide training in Six Sigma up to Green Belt level, as well as provide Black Belt practitioners skilled at executing Six Sigma.

We can teach you how to define the quality needed, measure what you are currently delivering, build an improvement plan to address the gap, execute the plan, then measure the improvements and maintain them.

How to Start

Let us come to you and have the conversation

Our Consultants will spend an hour with you (at no charge) to discuss the possibilities. We can share stories of how other businesses have achieved success, then explore what would be the best way forward for you.

This is a "no obligation" service. If we can't convince you that your business will achieve significant benefits through our consulting program, then we will at least have enjoyed meeting you.

Call now, speak to us